Chitwan Resort Camp

About Chitwan Resort Camp​

The resort is located at Sauraha in a unique location to explore the park. Sauraha is also an ethnic village of Tharus who are, indigenous people of the region. There is also a possibility of arrangement of rafting on Trisuli river for three to four hours while on the way to camp from Kathmandu. It is much more thrilling and exciting than other ways.

At  Resort, you will see a beautiful world of towering trees and twisting vines, of prehistoric rhinos and lumbering elephants, of crocodiles,pythons and deer, of brilliantly coloured birds and if you are fortunate – the Tiger.

The Resort with its ideal location at Sauraha, can be reached by four hours picturesque drive from Kathmandu.


Sauraha, Chitwan National Park, Nepal


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