As the frame of foundation Regional Hotel Association RHAN has been representing all the hoteliers from East of Hetauda ,Central Sauraha, Bharatpur, Meghauli to the west of Nawalpur. Based on the history of leadership in social responsibilities, we are committed to continuing our service driven culture. We are dedicated to valuing diversity and inclusion,protecting animals & birds, supporting communities and fostering environmental sustainability.

Established in the year 2043 B.S. with few member hotels, Regional Hotel Association Nepal (RHAN) has come a long way with 100s of member hotels today.

Since its inception RHAN has been able to make its presence felt by making an impact on the governmental policy formulation and the setting up of regulations regarding the hotel and tourism industry through the center HAN.

RHAN Cooperate with Hotels, Government body, Buffer Zone, National park and Local Community for the preserving wildlife and sustainable tourism.

Chitwan National Park

Set against the backdrop of the Himalaya, the Chitwan National Park is home to an incredible variety of wildlife, including several endangered species. Of all the worlds remaining forests, one of the most enchanting if Chitwan National Park in the Himalayan Kingdom of Nepal. Here in side the park, you will discover a lost world of towering tees and twisting vine, of pre-historic rhino and lumbering elephants, of crocodile pythons and deer; of brilliantly colored birds and if you are fortunate- the superb Royal Bengal Tiger. Visit a wonderful world of lush riverine forest, tall elephant grass, lakes and rivers- home to some of the most endangered animal on earth, the elusive tiger and the prehistoric rhinoceros, including many species of mammals, birds, insects and reptiles. 

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क्षेत्रिय होटल संघले स्वागत गर्यो उवासंघ रत्ननगरका नयाँ टिमलाई

दिपेन्द्र श्रेष्ठ, चितवन : पर्यटकीय नगरी सौराहामा रहेको क्षेत्रिय होटल संघ सौराहाले उवासंघ रत्ननगरको हालै अधिवेशनबाट निर्वाचित नयाँ कार्यसमितिलाई स्वागत तथा बधाई कार्यक्रम सम्पन्न भएको

हात्ती प्रजनन केन्द्र र बद्रेनी गाँउ जोड्ने झोलुङ्गे पुल शिलन्यास

चितवन : पर्यटकीय नगरी सौराहाको बुढी राप्ती खोलामा हात्ती प्रजनन केन्द्र र बद्रेनी गाँउ जोड्ने झोलुङ्गे पुल शिलन्यास गरिएको छ । सौराहा स्थित हात्ती प्रजनन

COVID-19 affects hotels in Sauraha

Hotels in Sauraha have started sending their staffs on leave after the inflow of visitors declined due to coronavirus. Regional Hotel Association Sauraha President Deepak Bhattarai said, “There